Process and Rules for the British Screenwriters' Awards

During the spring and summer of each year our team consults with industry leaders and past winners about which films and shows they believe should be nominated.

We then draw up a shortlist and again consult with industry leaders as to which of the shortlisted projects should be nominated. At this point, we decide on the nominations.

Late summer the nominations are announced. London Screenwriters’ Festival Delegates past and present are invited to vote for their winners. This collective vote represents 50% of the overall vote. The remaining 50% comes from industry leaders and past winners.

All winners shall have written for a nominated British Production (with the exception of the lifetime awards).

The lifetime achievement award is chosen in consultation with the industry and the London Screenwriters’ Festival community.

All nominees are invited to the Awards ceremony.

Catchment Period

Films and shows can be nominated in the year that they were first aired on TV or screened commercially in a cinema. We define a year as July 1st to June 31st.